Baccarat Secrets are All Revealed at "Secrets of Winning Baccarat"

When you come to a casino to try yourself playing baccarat, the first thing you do is revealing of all baccarat secrets; well, at least you try to do that. Certainly, it is rather difficult to do when you sit at baccarat table already: you should be concentrated on the game itself but not observing the play of other gamblers and a dealer in order to understand all baccarat secrets correctly.

That is why the best variant for you would be to read some good baccarat books at first in order to catch the point and idea of baccarat game and not be confused and misunderstood when you come playing live baccarat to a casino.

Brian D. Kayser's book Secrets of Winning Baccarat is a rather controversial one indeed: big chances are that you will find many completely different thoughts concerning this book, as some readers find it to be completely worthless when other ones admire it a lot. Anyway, the author tries to reveal all baccarat secrets in this book and show the strategies which a player should use at baccarat table; and it is better to read it in order to create your own point of view.

About the Author

Dr. Brian Kayser is an expert in statistics and a passionate baccarat player who has written many scientific articles about the usage of mathematics models in gambling for beating baccarat. Mr. Kayser developed his baccarat winning strategies and he used them while playing in different casinos of the USA.

Secrets of Winning Baccarat

So, you will find if you look inside this book the following materials:

  • Baccarat rules and basics
  • Winning baccarat strategies
  • Betting systems
  • Definitions of all baccarat terms
  • Baccarat etiquette
  • Baccarat techniques

Secrets of Winning Baccarat consists of 17 chapters on 192 pages, and each chapter describes one baccarat aspect. The author uses mathematical models to give the strategy for every baccarat bet; and though this book is recommended both for beginners and experienced players, some readers do not recommend Secrets of Winning Baccarat to beginners because some its aspects will be difficult to understand if you do not know the game perfectly.

You are welcome to read some customers' points of view concerning this book, as well as order and buy it here.

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