"Lyle Stuart on Baccarat": Baccarat Secrets Revealed

Lyle Stuart on Baccarat is one of the baccarat books which should definitely be read by every baccarat player in order to understand a real passion to this game. Though it does not have any special winning strategy to use, Lyle Stuart on Baccarat is rather exciting and useful to read and you understand this fact as soon as you begin reading it.

Lyle Stuart is a professional baccarat player, one of the best players actually, so his opinion and point of view is worth to read of course. He was the winner of two baccarat tournaments where he won a great sum of money; he wrote this book describing only his own experience, real stories which happened to him and shared with readers everything and everyone he knew in the world of baccarat.

The foreword for this book had been written by John Patrick, the author of John Patrick's Baccarat and a famous gambling expert whose website is well-known among all players;he was amazed by Lyle Stuart on Baccarat and strongly recommended it to everyone to read because all the situations, facts and stories described there were real ones.

He mentions names because he knew everyone. And everyone knew him. In his stories, he relates the occasions when he won big but also admits when the cards were going against him and he left the table a loser. But he always left the table before he lost everything.

~ John Patrick about Lyle Stuart on Baccarat

What can you find inside?

Open the book of Lyle Stuart and you will definitely fall in love with baccarat card game at once! He describes everything concerning baccarat with a real passion of a gambler who devoted his life particularly to this game: 320 pages of interesting and exciting stories, baccarat description and the author's own rules of beating baccarat. So, what is inside of Lyle Stuart on Baccarat?

  • Baccarat Origins
  • Baccarat's coming to America
  • Rules (including The Rule of Three)
  • Baccarat Cheating
  • Bets, tips, odds
  • How Lyle wins his two baccarat tournaments
  • Lyle shares his experience
  • A lot of stories which happened to Lyle Stuart; interesting people whom he met with
  • The author's 7 rules of beating baccarat

Lyle Stuart on Baccarat would be very helpful for baccarat new comers because he describes there a way how it is possible to beat professional baccarat players during different baccarat tournaments. Nobody regretted when bought and read this book; try it if you are interested in baccarat: you will not regret too.

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