"Power Baccarat: The Best Game in the Casino" by Byron F. Hebert - Live Baccarat Book

When a person chooses live baccarat to become a professional gambler, he does not practically know what to start with. Well, of course, he can go to some casino and watch how other gamblers play; but probably it would be better to start learning live baccarat game with reading some books of baccarat experts who share their experience with pleasure and describe everything which could be very helpful for beginners. That is why such books are recommended by no means because a reader should not check the facts as they are truly factual indeed.

One of such books is Power Baccarat 2, written by a professional baccarat gambler and expert Byron F. Hebert: he is still welcome at different casinos where he continues playing baccarat and improving his skills though he is a real professional already!

Power Baccarat 2: Beat the Casino Playing Baccarat

As far as it can be understood from the title, this is the second Herbert's book concerning the game of baccarat: the first one had a title Power Baccarat: the Best Game in the Casino; it was published in 1993 first (next edition - 2000) and many critics had found it to be very useful not only for beginners but also for experienced players because Mr. Herbert described there some strategies which could help skillful gamblers to beat the game of baccarat.

As for our Power Baccarat 2, it was published in 2000 and became very popular at once because it containes everything that a beginner needs to know about baccarat:

  • It has one separate chapter which describes the concept and the rules of baccarat in details
  • A lot of strategies are described there to improve a player's chances and odds to win the game
  • The author shares his thoughts concerning the game of baccarat itself and he does it in a very exciting and interesting manner: it is very easy to understand that baccarat is his real passion
  • -          All methods to use when a player finally sits at baccarat table in a casino are shown in details in Power Baccarat 2

  • All the situations which can be met at baccarat table are also possible to find in this book described
  • How to behave at baccarat table: discipline
  • Money management
  • Best bets: when, where and how much

All critics do not stop to recommend Power Baccarat 2 for the beginners as it gives the whole conception of baccarat card game. We could not find any negative reviews where the weak points of this book were discussed and described.

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